Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Collection Launches On Switch Spring 2023
Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Collection Launches On Switch Spring 2023
Physical pre-orders now open

Physical pre-orders now open

Following on from an ESRB score earlier this week, Square Enix has now officially announced the discharge of the Final Fantasy I-VI Pixel Remaster Collection for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. It'll be arriving in Spring 2023.

This series will consist of Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy V, and Final Fantasy VI. These remasters may also be made to be had for my part, or you should purchase them in a bundle deal.

In addition to this, Square Enix has additionally brought a desired version ($seventy 4.Ninety 9 USD) and a thirty fifth-anniversary version ($259.Ninety 9 USD). These are Square Enix Store exclusives.

More facts speedy.

£sixty four.Ninety nine UK pre-order for the standard model. Crazy…

Eh, no thanks.
I stick on my FF III and FF IV NDS version for three-D remake version.

Finally all of the older ones, now to just play the others I in reality have...

Switch bodily popular model already bought out.

rattling, the normal model is already offered out on Switch? ....Dare I get the expensive collector's model simply to have the game inside the first region?

Glad I managed to get a pre-order of the same old Switch version earlier than it bought out. Square absolutely dropped the ball in this, it ought to've been a fashionable retail launch.

Would love to have the PS4 model, however now not for 75€. Way overpriced. I'll persist with the PSone versions.

There is a geared up list for the standard version, so I would not lose desire however. Surely Square Enix could order greater copies in the event of them "pre-promoting" out.

Hell, I'm amazed that this isn't being issued a much broader retail launch. If Collection of Mana can get a much wider global bodily launch (with its extraordinarily difficult to understand and area of interest video games), then virtually the likes of Final Fantasy receives one too.

I suspect that a wider retail launch will in the end observe after Square Enix are completed gambling coy with this "one-of-a-type" commercial employer.

This is as an alternative expensive, is not it? I suggest, I said there might be tears if this rumour have become proper...The ones charges are in reality making my eyes water...

$seventy five for the same old version? YIKES!!!

Oh wow, that anniversary version seems garbage; without a doubt no longer clearly well worth the asking price, at the least.

For the ones in the UK, the web site could no longer will let you be a part of any ready listing, so it genuinely is it. Gone. Unless it allocates more down the road.

Poor display, Square Enix.

thirty fifth-anniversary version damm appears extraordinary. I wager RIP my wallet.

Kind of preference it become opportunity variations of the video video games given some of the weird cuts and changes the Pixel Collection made, but quite welcome regardless. Though definitely ready on it to move on sale, noooo chance I'd pay that loads for them.

Now port Chrono Trigger already.

@TowaHerschel7 plus $23 for transport and plus tax most ppl I noticed have been paying round $103-108

The price is noticeably too excessive for what's successfully simply ROMs of the older video video games. Shame.

The Switch just keeps getting higher and higher. FFII(Snes) absolutely takes me again to the very early 90s and clearly being taken again thru it’s incredible soundtrack, SFX and eye catching TBC. I used to take a look at my tremendous buddy play it all the time, accompanied up via III and truly anybody’s favourite….Mystic Quest 😉👌

Day one for me, and I don’t even like gambling RPGs. Lol

Ok I have to get atleast the standard of the switch version. Sure I already private the steam model but I want atleast a physical model.

I'm no longer a massive very last delusion fan for the maximum element (cherished 12, 15 and Remake and form of cherished 4 until I decided to go instantly into After Years...😅) but that CE container is rattling cool. That's the kind of print I'd probable placed up on a wall somewhere.

Release XIII!

Glad to peer this finally showed for Switch. Definitely choosing this up, in no way simply performed the old college FF titles.

€75 for a few antique ports?! Square Enix bad selection making maintains. Surprised they've no longer tried to shoehorn in a few NFTs.

Shameful, for a fee this excessive and best in limited numbers on-line.
And but I'm sure that during a few international locations the eshop costs might be even higher at the same time as located. Too lousy.

Still extraordinary to me that those failed to come to Switch inside the first vicinity however higher late than by no means. I'll choose them up!

Even at that immoderate charge, it's far nevertheless approximately $20 CHEAPER than downloading all six video games at complete charge on cellular or PC now. Glad I have been given my information from Squenix themselves on FB though, as I made my order hours earlier than this text become published.

I done Final Fantasy four from those remasters and admittedly outside of the real US SNES version it's the weakest version of the game. The exercise is SO smooth, like the sport changed into by no means tough to begin with however now you get like 4 instances exp or a few thing like that this means that you get so overleveled so quick, you could run from battles with one hundred% achievement price immediatedly (which I get it, people simply hate random encounters these days for some purpose so that they want to provide a way to get rid of them, however at that component why now not surely make it a toggle in choice to making those who want to bypass battles must run time and again, and for folks that do need to get the traditional experience get a damaged run opportunity), map characteristic spoils the complete dungeon format in place of filling it as you discover, you could press a button to hide it but it's going to continually display up once more, no toggle for it manifestly... The cutscenes are extremely good speeded up for some cause and for a recreation so targeted on dumb "pleasant of life" there can be now not even an choice to without problem type your inventory. The game seems first-rate and the remixed soundtrack is exceptional (even though I'd like the choice for the particular soundtrack as nicely) but the entire ruined trouble means that there absolutely isn't always an entire lot of a sport to revel in right right here.

Donno if the opposite Pixel Remasters are as braindead as this one was, however I'm no longer bothering to find out.

@Stuffgamer1 For that there might truely need to be something posted with the aid of them, which there isn't.

Oof, that rate. Good detail I non-public those games on PSX already.

see the charge is loopy i knew it

Now surely launch FFXIII trilogy and we are able to kinda have the entire online flagship lineup on the time of writing. With the "kinda" disclaimer best used for the FFXV demake.😄

EDIT: oh wait, no IV The After Years right here. But otherwise...

@Rosona The first rate Final Fantasy Facebook web page posted this news over four hours inside the beyond. I modified into fortunate enough to look it mere minutes later. You are accurate that the Square Enix web web page did NOT submit it. Sorry for the misleading remark.

Poor indie company Square Enix cannot offer it a proper retail release, and ought to over-rate.

Oh wow, I did no longer recognise those existed, but that is remarkable data. I in reality loved Final Fantasy III on DS, but I reckon pixel remasters would be the extraordinary way to play them. They sound like greater my cup of tea, except. They do sound costly in the in the meantime, but they have to be a good deal at the same time as they are the right rate.

..Well I succumbed, and I decided to get the horribly overpriced collector's edition with all the extra junk I do now not want, truly to have the bodily model of the game. I without a doubt want the same old version failed to sell out so straight away.

...And thru all payments, those are some quite poor versions of the traditional FF video games too - not right to the originals, no bonus content from preceding rereleases, and the photos are bland and homogenised with little admire for the des sensibilities of the original 90s pixel paintings.

...And I'm no longer even a massive traditional FF fan or a few factor - most effective performed FF4 (Wii VC), FF4 After Years (WiiWare) , FF5 (GBA) and FF6 (SNES Mini) for the primary time a 12 months or in the beyond, and I in no way even performed any model FF1, FF2 or FF3 yet

I should surprise why I make the buying picks that I do.
Oh well. I am a collector, so i am not too troubled via my selection to buy it - but I am extraordinarily stricken by means of using the scenario regarding these remakes in standard.

Waiting list already for the usual edition!

The price is a bit steep, however Squenix have to have without a doubt as without issue released them on individual cartridges for $30 every and it would not be the WORST deal. It's now not like you'll be completed with the series in a week or .

Square actually being greedy with those charges. 75+24 transport is outrageous for a few issue that must be 30 to forty dollars.

@VoidofLight They’ve been remastered tho right? It’s no longer simply the precise Roms.

@Expa0 No options for unique soundtrack?! That sucks! If the soundtrack turned into remixed via Nobuo Uematsu himself, then, it's far now not so terrible, probably...

Put myself on the ready list. I only played this sort of once I modified into extra younger. I’ll admit the rate is kinda steep, however I although want it!

Square Enix do no longer in reality supply to UK

Guess I'll need to be patient in the occasion that they get a more giant launch then, because the EU shops do not seem to have prepared lists.

@Rob3008 I would now not name it horrible selection making whilst human beings are organized to queue as much as pay the ridiculous asking price.

Not me although. That's simple crazy for a group of vintage vintage video games. Count me out.

Nevertheless, well completed Square Enix.

Did all and sundry genuinely expect this business enterprise to perform a little element the proper way?

That said, genuinely they understood their marketplace correctly as the sport has been snapped up on the inflated charges, so what do I apprehend.

@VoidofLight Wish it emerge as simply ROMs, they eliminated a fantastic issue and ruined all of the fonts.

@NeonPizzas Don’t count on the soundtrack to be the same. It is remixed.

Wanted to have this on my Switch too but...

€seventy five other than import taxes (because of the fact from UK to EU) and aside from delivery, ouch it's far possibly €one hundred in the long run if not more.

I stay with my PC model then I bet...

Theyll drop in charge in due time i will wait not a trouble

I'd like to get this, however optimistically it is now not special to their net web site or something.
Announcing a bodily pre-order out of nowhere and the standard low-priced version selling out speedy is not cool, no longer in an economic system of "open pre-orders".

Overpriced. I am no longer surprised Nintendo fanbase is happy with the rate.

I'll wait till the rate goes down for the reason that I have the video video games in various paperwork already.

No point out of UK/Europe bodily preorders? Edit: Oh good enough, observed it. Sold out, but at £65, it's miles an absolute rip off!

@RupeeClock It says "These are Square Enix Store exclusives" alas.

As someone who owns (but hasn’t accomplished however) the 1-6 remakes on GBA and DS, are those variations absolutely worth it?

Wait... Is the physical model not avaliable in Europe?

I'm truly gutted by using this. Been looking forward to this kind of long time, sincerely to awaken to this getting bought out. They possibly artificially confined the same old edition to make you pay for the unique version. So, so unfair

Well as a minimum this is the best real way to get a physical duplicate of the Final Fantasy III 2D remake. Kinda anticipated the gathering to be round $forty, failed to assume it to be $seventy five though. I'm assuming they did not some thing with these ports except including filters and fast in advance/rewind functions to the video games. The lousy textual content field from the mobile phone variations may additionally nevertheless be there.

@RupeeClock Does assist that it become completed at a unusual hour too.

@Stuffgamer1 Square-Enix constantly has overinflated charges on their vintage games, however that is mainly due to the fact we are stupid enough to typically pay them. The NES video video games is probably clearly well worth $five and the SNES are possibly properly really worth $10.

I suggest I might pay the £sixty five however I’m no longer down for paying £215 . I’m positive extra copies will pass up on the market , possibly they had been testing call for by way of the usage of saying it’s sold out

Pricey, but although without a doubt well worth it. Preordered PS 4 version....On ready listing for switch model. I've akways wanted to run through the primary six on a unmarried platform. If I get a transfer copy reserved I'll drop the ps4 pre-order because I feel like spending some mornings in mattress with those video video games is some thing special.


Completely distinct versions. I do pay attention they're brighter, although. There are also extra abilties like remixed tune and qol stuff.


They are sincerely well worth a long manner more than that. A copy of FF3(6) by myself will cost a fortune. Let's be sincere, we could?

The "one in all a type" pre-orders of regular versions on the Square internet page usually bring about normal retail releases, so I wouldn't fear about that.

@Vyacheslav333 You probable would no longer need to move lower back to the original soundtracks after having listened to the latest ones. They are that rattling correct.

Curious about the info. Seems like those are similar to the modern-day cellular releases. All I’ve examine approximately those is unhappiness and troubles. Very little unique stated about them. So, the rate is surprising. I’ll be watching for a person to inform me a set of stuff has been steady and superior in advance than I can care a whole lot approximately this, myself.

Exclusive to the Square Enix shop and already offered out? Wow! Why is not this a present day retail release available anywhere? I'm no longer a lifelong or die-hard FF fan (extra currently, without a doubt), however I'd like to personal the specific video video games in a bodily series. Even although I assume $seventy five is overpriced, I'd nevertheless pay it. Hopefully, Square changes their mind and makes this collection available to extra stores...

Still looking to determine out whose worse now Konami or Square both aspects are taking benefit of their lovers at this element...

I sincerely have three an honest cross at the same time as it become at the DS however couldn’t get in to it as soon as I became unleashed on the sector map.

With this I’m handiest interested by getting 6, however no longer if the man or woman games price stupid quantities inline with what they’re charging for the whole collection.

Also I realize that may be a Nintendo web page however, PS4? They do understand that the PS5 exists proper?

Of course that that they had make the physical series restricted version and specific to their on-line shop, lol.

Oh well. Hopefully the gathering comes once more into stock finally once I'm ready to buy it. Otherwise, I'll really snatch the ones I'm specifically excited for and watch for the opposite ones to transport down substantially in fee.

@Sam_TSM PS4 video games run on PS5. There's actually no motive to have a PS5 model of this collection, thinking about what it is.

This is disgusting. I was hoping for a physical edition, but at $75 plus transport they may be able to shove it. I could probable have picked it up at $60 on a favored retail release, but that is clearly pure charge gouging.

I am honestly not into SE’s approach of boutique/faux-indie. Put it in a container and promote it at Target.

Edit: is the remark section freaking out for anybody else in cell? It continues leaping round as although ads are loading but now not some thing in the web page is virtually changing. Gah

The fee is infuriating enough that I need to skip despite the fact that this became so extraordinarily expected!

Any phrase in what every game on the eShop could be?

No delivery to the United Kingdom and already offered out on Swtich, for that ridiculous rate. Oh well, time to clear out some area at the ol' SD card

It's funny how, another time, NL is going out of its way to mention the PS4 release and Pushsquare goes out of its manner to ore the Switch one. To the component wherein they do now not even proportion the tweet that mentions it. Lol

As a tremendous deal as I would really like to have the gathering on cartridge, I can't justify paying $75US.

Holy that’s plenty

Good that it is getting a physical. Price-clever, at the same time as you account for inflation that makes experience. Even even though it's selling out, virtually wait a few months and it'll re-launch at $60 or less. Still a far higher deal than getting the games on genuine hardware.

@IronMan30 i’ve determined that too. NL will generally factor out all the systems a undertaking is being launched on but the manner PS reviews it’s similar to the others don’t exist.

Xbox getting snubbed once more upsets me. I revel in like Square-Enix loves to annoy someone with each launch.


playstation gamers are incredulous that we even definitely like our games, haha. I attempted to reveal a psx-style pal Gungeon, and he virtually could not WAIT to counter with crimson lifeless redemption 2 LOL.

like I become going to be like "🤯 OMFG WTF IS THIS?!V🤯🤯🤯"

ps - I'll take 4, 5, and six digitally and on eventual sale, thank YOU! 😅

I might have offered it but it's miles already no longer available. I would possibly count on Square Enix can have greater batches available toward release, right?

I sense form of silly, due to the truth I became capable of pre-order the usual version, having seen the statement on Twitter in advance than this text went up, however from what I need to see it did not even appear to be a physical version, so I simply assumed that the same old version was a package of the virtual variations, and the fancy Anniversary Edition changed into the simplest manner to get a physical reproduction. That said, I'm not disappointed I spent $3 hundred on it, because of the reality the ones vinyls are virtually really worth it! I'm now not a huge vinyl collector, however for video video games I REALLY care about, they're first rate to have as properly. FFVI mainly moved me to tears with how nicely they handled the soundtrack.

I would love to have this, but, uh, someone tampered with the catalytic converter on my automobile the day prior to this and I’m taking that as a s I need to buy a today's car instead.

Curious how tons they’ll be digitally. No doubt the digital versions bundled up may be cheaper? Jeez, I desire!

Remastering a pixel is stupid communicate.


On Steam, Final Fantasy I & II each prices 12 greenbacks. Final Fantasy III-VI each costs 18 greenbacks. There is a package deal deal that groups they all collectively for seventy five bucks, which also occurs to be the rate of the usual physical model.

I see people complaining about the price, however I think it is quality considering it’s the same rate the package deal costs on steam. What I will complain approximately is how Square Enix makes a decision to announce a restrained launch inside the middle of the night or even if I have been huge awake and capable of get one, they although feel the need to charge $23 for shipping making the fee more than it is probably to just buy all of them in my opinion.

I tried preordering Neo:TWEWY even as that become popping out and I noticed that preorders weren’t to be had everywhere besides ghe SE shop. When I attempted to shop for from them, I saw they charged that lots for shipping and I determined that I should wait to buy the game some other region. I don’t recognise why SE could try this and make it lots much less appealing to shop for their products without delay from them.

@Baker1000 They do deliver to the United Kingdom. Had the Neir Automata Switch release shipped to me in Scotland.

It reputedly defaults the net website to mainland EU so that you could need to update it to the UK at the lowest of the page. It then gives the charge in £'s and includes Tax.

Still no thing now given that its all bought out and we don't have any concept if they will restock it. I'm just happy I got my order in.

@K1LLEGAL even on Pure Xbox they will communicate about unique systems. But on Pushsquare, you would count on no other console however the strong Playstation exists.


I understand Xbox is not the primary platform you accept as true with you studied of when it comes to JRPGs, but Square-Enix is snubbing that platform HARD next yr. No Octopath 2. No Front Mission 2. No Final Fantasy of any kind (XVI; Rebirth; Pixel Remasters). No Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line.

I'm having a bet even that DQIII HD-2D remake may not be hitting Xbox.


Thank you!

I may be eShop wishlisting FF4 (ff2) and FF6 (ff3) for an inevitable sale and leaving out all the others.

Glad I nevertheless have all my unfashionable hardware, because that is manner an excessive amount of cash for versions that have been remastered to cause them to uglier. (I suggest, in some procedures they are quite pretty, but those clashing fonts just damage the complete experience for me.)

Which strikes a chord in my memory, now that I sooner or later have a Pocket, I want to look if I can get a SNES middle and the Brave New World FFVI mod taking walks on it .

I preference Square-Enix wasn't so coy about what the vinyl facts will encompass. If you bought the bundle on Steam, you would get unique soundtracks for every sport, and they have been honestly simply 3 tracks from the precise version of each game that fade into the remastered version.
Since wellknown vinyl records keep 22 minutes on each issue, I incredibly doubt the ones are going to be the complete soundtracks for every endeavor, as that might well exceed 1 hour and 28 mins, however as a minimum they may be better than regardless of the heck Steam users were given.

Welp just want the XIII video games and that’s all of the mainlines in some form on Switch.

We've recounted the charge of these for some time now as they're all launched on steam. The package on there is $75 as properly so why are people pretending the pricing is some current shock?

75 bucks?!? Well, at least they'll be to be had for my part. FFIII is the most effective one I really need, considering that I've already got the opportunity versions on PSP, GBA and Wii. Unless they may be adding the bonus content material and dungeons, it is a difficult skip.

This brings 1-6 to Switch. We have already got the PS1 video games 6-9 plus local ports for 10, 10-2 and eleven

I desire this wait-listing honestly results in having the ability to buy it.


Digitally, a hundred%, if you look ahead to a sale you may get those reasonably-priced.

Physically, I assume these to increase in rate if they stay a SquareEnix hold superb and sell out.


I assume people are freaking out for a couple motives:

1) $seventy five is above the standard price for a physical Switch sport

2). The bodily recreation is a SquareEnix save precise, with excessive transport and restricted portions.

Overall, if this changed into efficaciously available at retail stores, I doubt the $75 price is probably considered as massive of a deal.

75$?? Honestly particularly I need 6, so I'll just snag that off the eshop subsequently. I do now not recognise what fee they will be, however the FF video games usually appear to move on %50 off sales eventually so I'll wait if it looks like too much.


May of us are more precise NIntendo gamers that may first-rate discover the money for the time cash and energy for one console at a time.
And pricing is critical aspect.


I suspect that sales of SquareEnix video video games are very low on Xbox, probable due to the reality most in their video games have been on GamesPass.

Why cannot those idiots launch a regular series like each person else. Don't they need coins? This ought to be a Final Fantasy Collection with each variations of FF1-6 (original, NES, MSX, Super NES, Wonder Swan, GBA, PS1, DS, PSP, and PC) on there for $forty and no longer confined. If you want cash Square Enix, why restrict your alternative of the physical model?

@daveMcFlave I suggest from the mobile and PC versions, for those ports they add nothing on top of those. Everything we got here are from those already launched versions that is a lazy strive.

@RushDawg Not most effective that but because of its restricted price, scalpers may be reselling that bodily series for jack up charges on ebay. Those who actually need the bodily series won't be able to get their fingers on one until they purchase it from a scalper.

What the f is up with that scalper price? This shouldn’t had been priced at more than $50 perhaps $60 for that rectangular tax

Dang, seventy five greenbacks!

What is that this, a Super Nintendo recreation in 1995?

@RushDawg IMO GP downloads likely have been not very robust both for something like Octopath Traveler. I think Microsoft might have ponied up for the second sport if the reception on the provider were more stated.

As it stands, I want to mention that it seems like Xbox income are low enough that S-E may not even hassle porting games with out GP offers, but then Crisis Core certainly released on Xbox. It's difficult to make sense of the best judgment of it.

Wow, what an assertion! I absolutely glossed over it with the slough of FF articles. Couldn't figure out why till now lol. So happy I'll be able to visit a number of those older ones now.

I wonder why it's coming to PS4, however not PS5. I'm now not complaining, it's far simply wierd.

I hope they regular the way a number of the two.5D images came out. The FFVI PR’s opera scene was reasonably-priced looking in contrast to their other HD 2D video games like Octopath Traveler, Triangle Strategy, and many others.

@Shoyomon exactly. I'll be doing the identical and I'll greater than probably simply buy 1 or 2 to begin.

rectangular-enix will ought to make extra copies..Of the equal antique model..

Sounds fairly greedy to me at that price I recall getting each crash the n equal trilogy & spyro reited at release for £35 each no longer eager on Activision but that come to be a excellent deal for 3 fantastic video games completely remade

@RushDawg Totally honest to be disappointed about the physical model. I be given as authentic with that.

@msvt What does most effective having one console should do with the pricing? Some people handiest use steam and the video video games are however $seventy five overall. If they were one-of-a-kind to ps5 they could despite the fact that be $seventy five. This is Squeenix we're speaking about right here. They will squeeze any penny possible.

@Darknyht The pixel remaster series are rebuilt games, no longer measly emulation. I sincerely don't get why such a variety of humans think they have to be THAT cheap.

I’ve performed all of them on PC and they may be outstanding. I will clearly be shopping for them again.

To human beings complaining about the charge, it’s six games. Six lengthy, without a doubt remastered video video games. Just because of the reality the video games have a small enough file length to suit on one cart doesn’t mean they’re nicely worth an awful lot much less.

The rate isn't even a trouble proper right here, it is the shortage of QOL to matters like the UI that make this not in reality really worth it. I'll stick to purchasing for them on Steam for the mods.

6 games, each various from 20-60 hours every, and those are moaning about the price? The entitlement is robust, these days.

I’m satisfied online game organizations are subsequently raising the price to satisfy inflation. Games seem to have capped at $60 for the beyond 30 years. I expect for the amount of content material material you get hold of, it’s more than sincere.

All these people playing dozens of video games on a $three hundred machine, but acting terrible smh.


About the one-console component, simply meant plenty people that do not use Steam wouldn't have regarded those expenses.

@Ralizah oh I didn’t understand it became all PS4 video games I belief it become a pick out few (like X360 and XBX). That honestly opens up some games I can really play on my PS5 now, thanks

At this factor the standard is what I get for the 75 smackers they're charging....

Been geared up eagerly for those but it took SE see you later that my hype has waned. I assume I would possibly hold off to look if placed any effort into satisfactory.

SE is truly so 1/2-assed with their rereleases. There will no question be new issues with the Switch launch and a wonderful risk they might not even hassle with the fixes they have got already launched for PC and cellular versions.

It's about ***** time.

Normally I'm the most effective who says really because of the truth a pastime is antique does no longer imply it want to be reasonably-priced, but holy cash grab. These are not even that exceptional of ports specially without the potential to restoration the font and other issues. Maybe if it blanketed the particular console versions and numerous ports like a real series, I'd don't forget it at that ridiculous fee factor.

I do no longer need six extra video video games I'm no longer going to play.

@YANDMAN Good for you

@EarthboundBenjy It helps you to s on for a ready list, so I'm guessing you may despite the fact that be able to get it.

@mikegamer I nonetheless offered a replica even though.

To those saying it already bought out, what makes you assert that? I joined the prepared listing and got this message:

"We’ll ensure to the touch you whilst this object is made available."

Surely that means I'll get a chance to shop for it? They have not even revealed them but, so why would no longer they print sufficient to sell to people who be a part of the wait list? I'll be sificantly pissed if I can't buy a bodily copy, as I already have FF7,8,nine,10,12 as bodily copies on transfer.

Finally! (Puntentional)
Can’t wait to get to play FF I - III + V, the best mainline non-MMO entries I’ve unnoticed. Should be extraordinary!

Although I can wait for a sale as I despite the fact that have a backlog of JRPG’s to get through regardless of having performed so many b2b already on Switch. My Switch has simply come to be an RPG tool for me like in the SNES days and I locate it impossible to resist!

… Wun can best wish.

@RPGreg2600 The UK version of the Square Enix store says "No longer to be had" without a choice to be part of up for a few issue. I stay inside the UK

I only bought this now because of the reality I figured the 2nd hand copies are going to be even greater overpriced.

I took a shower and the Switch physical launch provided out.


The ready listing isn’t a assure. Hopefully they’ll make more available, however they may not. Even in the event that they do, there’s no assure that everybody on the wait listing gets to shop for a replica.

Consider this situation. You get keep of an e mail at 3AM announcing that more copies are to be had. By the time you’re wakeful at 8AM, they will be already sold out. This situation is largely what took place with the first batch of copies.

I don’t mean to be an excessive amount of of a downer. It’s affordable to be positive. But a wait list is a long way, a protracted manner from a assured risk to reserve it.

While it is remarkable those are FINALLY coming to the Switch (IMHO They need to have waited and simultaneously launched they all on precise systems), what's up with that fee for the physical model?! $75?

...Not certain if I'll cave for that rate. I'm certain the bodily edition will go once more in inventory - I had first rate fulfillment at the same time as SE although manufactured their very own DS video games - however the most effective activity I'm virtually inside the market for is V. I already have the extraordinary VI thru the SNES Classic and IV on 3DS. The first 3 might be sorta exceptional to have, but I'm now not hurting for them.

@YANDMAN I endorse, k? Sure?

The physical version is very costly. I will probably simply buy them on steam when they skip on sale. Plus I can use mods as nicely.

Ok super, I’m no longer crazy for thinking that charge is manner to a whole lot, sure are these exact video video games? I’m positive they're, however my goodness seventy five? For over decade old video video games? Heck naw. Gonna look ahead to a deep reduce in the rate from a sale, or the like, earlier than I get this.

Finally, but I relented and were given them on steam a long time in the past...

I noticeably endorse those, it's far cool seeing all of the games with cohesive art work styles and menu systems. The computer version is likewise very moddable. This is a huge package deal of activity time too, essential for any jrpg fan, the charge isn't always without a doubt unreasonable.

@Angelus3K Remastered, and but those video video games are missing the content material brought thru ports and greater appropriate variations.

@Aventurier Even with an altered soundtrack, the rate is way too steep.

Considering that the ones remasters do no longer add some issue of note outdoor of updated photographs and sound, there sincerely is not anything properly well worth noting right here, in particular considering there are exceptional versions obtainable that aren't this naked bones. I get the ones are simply the pixel remasters, but the bonus content material delivered to as a minimum one & 2 in previous editions, IV the After years, or maybe a number of the introduced process training to V ought to were more than welcomed. I cannot justify the rate for a naked bones collection. The best one I'll likely grasp is 3 in reality due to the fact that is the quality way to play it in traditional 2D that is not pirated.

@RushDawg well, I better get a replica! Guessing there can be physical variations to be had from Asia too, which usually have English, worst case situation.

What genius determined to make this a confined release??

@Bizzyb Some *****

Should were a Switch launch from day one.

Why isn't always this a retail release? I hate this limited launch crap. I in reality like having games like this as physical however now I have to get it from some guy on eBay for 2 or threes instances the amount. Thanks rectangular for taking this out of the reach of so many...

I already offered the package deal on steam and I'll be shopping for it on switch and ps4

cannot assist it.

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