Moanin' Monk (official video from Best of Tobin Mueller, Vol. 2)
Moanin' Monk (official video from Best of Tobin Mueller, Vol. 2)
Creating a medley of classic jazz standards can show the similarities of great composers. Mueller uses Thelonious Monk's Blue Monk as a bridge in this...

Moanin' Monk (official video from Best of Tobin Mueller, Vol. 2)

Creating a medley of traditional jazz requirements can show the similarities of first rate composers. Mueller makes use of Thelonious Monk's "Blue Monk" as a bridge in this jazz-blues arrangement of Art Blakey's biggest hit,  "Moanin'". Written by using Bobby Timmons, "Moanin'" served as The Messengers' subject matter track. Mueller and Grammy-triumphing guitarist Paul Nelson breath new life into it, including their very own personalities in any other suitable collaboration.

Completely remastered, with greater organ and guitar outcomes, the recording is considered one of 20 newly polished tracks from his retrospective compilation, "Best of Tobin Mueller, Vol. 2: Jazz Standards Reimagined". The synergy among keyboardist Mueller and Nelson is palpable. 

The compilation affords Mueller's nice jazz preparations. He reimagines standards with an inventive flair even as emphasizing the traits that made the original a traditional.  

"One of the maximum diverse and proficient jazz performers these days presents a profession spanning 5-volume compilation. Every music grants. Contemporary jazz at its greatest."  - Jazziz mag

"An great jazz amalgam that showcases the extraordinary players Mueller chose to report with. It captures at its zenith Mueller’s genius capability to bop inside and out of motifs and topics whilst paying such exquisite recognize to the jazz composers he quotes. He makes the intertwining of the composer's motive along with his personal interpretation sound convenient, expansive, lovely and extremely good..."  - John LaMantia, Downbeat Magazine

To examine extra approximately his album: Tobinmueller.Com

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