Progressive Medical Fitness | Physical Therapy in Northport, NY
Progressive Medical Fitness | Physical Therapy in Northport, NY
Progressive Medical Fitness is one of the best Medicine rehab centers that offers the best physical therapy in Northport NY to heal your pain.

Progressive Medical Fitness artwork as a collection to growth a customized treatment plan to deal with your dreams. Our Physical

Rehabilitation Northport NY is focused on you as a whole, no longer actually as an damage or evaluation. We will make the effort with you to apprehend your beyond medical information and recall your normal activity level as we layout a treatment plan to address your leader court cases to help in regaining your independence and super of lifestyles.

Our physical remedy organization is devoted to healing your pain. Getting you lower back to feeling like your self once more is our top priority. Whether your ache is continual or acute, we've remedy alternatives to address your circumstance and alleviate your pain. Don’t just live with pain, institution up with us to alleviate it for superb.

Physical Therapy is capable of offer relief for arthritis Do you think you'll be residing with arthritis?Arthritis is possible thru the care of an authorized bodily therapist....

Mobilize Your Joints and Get Moving Once Again!Are You in Need of Our Joint Mobilization Services?Joint mobilization...


Discover Natural and Safe Pain Relief thru Manual TherapyTreat Pain with A Hands-On TechniqueAre you fearful...

Proper Posture through Ergonomic TrainingErgonomic Training relieves nagging aches and painsIf you’re feeling...

Applied Functional ScienceApplied Functional Science (AFS) is a holistic approach to treating the basis reason of a circumstance and no longer in reality the ss and symptoms. AFS is a way of assessment,...

Therapeutic rub down is for athletesIt takes self-control and art work to excel at your game. Whether you’re a expert athlete or a weekend warrior, your are installing the art work...

Therapeutic Exercise Gets you MovingTherapeutic Exercise Helps Alleviate PainPeople of each age can discover...

Aches and Pains Relieved with UltrasoundUltrasound Could Be Used for Pain ReliefUltrasound aids the recovery...

Balance and Gait Disorders
Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy
Chronic Pain Relief
Headaches and Migraines
Hip and Knee Pain Relief
Fall Prevention
Sciatica and Back Pain Relief
Sports Injuries
Applied Functional Science
Electrical Stimulation
Ergonomic Training
Functional Manual Reaction
Joint Mobilization
Therapeutic Massage Therapy
Therapeutic Exercise
Manual Therapy
ACL Rehab
Golf Rehab
Return to Sports and Enhancement Program
Rotator Cuff Rehab
Shoulder Replacement Rehab
Soccer Rehab
Tennis Rehab

Opening Hours
  • Monday08:00AM - 3:00PM
  • Tuesday08:00AM - three:00PM
  • Wednesday08:00AM - three:00PM
  • Thursday08:00AM - 3:00PM
  • Friday08:00AM - three:00PM
  • Saturday07:00AM - 1:00PM
  • SundayCLOSED


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