Koh Phangan healing, Thailand | Metta Holistic Healing
Koh Phangan healing, Thailand | Metta Holistic Healing
Metta Holistic Healing is a business based in Koh Phangan, Thailand, providing in-person and remote healing services by David Stojanovic.
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Metta Holistic Healing is a business based in Koh Phangan, Thailand, providing in-person and remote healing services by David Stojanovic.


David was born with what some might call a ‘sixth sense’ - a supernatural awareness of emotional energy. Since childhood, he has been extremely sensitive to the energetic vibrations of emotions, attitudes and physical ailments of people, places, animals and objects - he can literally feel and experience other people’s emotions and symptoms as if they are his own.


For most of his life these extrasensory abilities overwhelmed and confused him, causing him to push them away. 10 years ago, a shift took place and ever since he has been educating himself and learning how to use this gift for good. Through practicing his craft, David became aware that he is not only a clairsentient empath, but also has the ability to manipulate, move, give and take energy.


Based on this discovery, David developed an energetic healing technique called Metta Healing, which allows him to feel physical sensations in the body and sense how they are linked to emotions in the mind. Metta Healing sessions can be done in-person on the island of Koh Phangan, or at a distance from anywhere in the world.


This treatment is gentle yet profoundly healing. During the initial session, you may feel energy rushing through your body with or without him touching you. He uses his hands to sense where there are energy blockages in the body and then connects with your subconscious mind to understand the root causes of your pain.


Based on this Metta Healing reading, your body will allow him to divine your physical, mental, emotional and energetic needs. From there, he can recommend a range of Metta Holistic Healing services including Metta Healing, Metta Massage or Chi Nei Tsang healing sessions.


David’s full body massages and Chi Nei Tsang ‘stomach massages’ are different from what others offer under the same name in that he’s able to use his energetic abilities to give, take and move energy through the body while simultaneously providing massage relief.


The energy healing offered through Metta Holistic Healing differs from Reiki and other healers’ similar services in that David’s gift allows him to not only give energy, but he’s also able to take away energy that isn’t serving you well. This unique ability is seldom found with other holistic practitioners.


All three signature offerings allow him to clear your energy blockages, balance your masculine/feminine energies, recalibrate your mind/body connection and provide you with relief from what ails you - whether it be physical pain, emotional distress or other forms of dis-ease. Each session has the power to balance your energetic flow, resulting in improved health and mental clarity, as well as increased life force energy.


If you’re on Koh Phangan, an island known for its many healers offering a wide range of healing modalities, and you’re looking for a transformative experience to write home about, make sure to choose wisely. Many people can learn how to work with energy, but very few are gifted with extrasensory abilities like David is.


David recommends you book one initial Metta Healing session, after which he will provide you with a full report based on his reading. Here within you will find out where the energy blockages exist in your body and what messages he received from your subconscious.


For example, he might notice something happening in your liver, the seat of anger, and share that your subconscious told him you have experienced something with a male that remains unresolved. Throughout life, we go through many experiences that we avoid or don’t know how to address - as a result, we carry these burdens in the body, which causes many different forms of mind/body dis-ease.


David’s report will reveal hints and other bits of information he received from your subconscious, which you can then discuss together privately to better understand and make sense of. Once we understand the root of the problem, we're able to take steps to resolve and heal what ails us.


From there, he will suggest which of his 3 offerings might suit your situation best. It usually takes 3-4 subsequent sessions, each within 2-3 days, in order to keep your energy levels elevated, which allows for blockages to clear. Based on this, he recommends purchasing a package of 4 sessions to be used within 10 days.


If all of this sounds a bit too ‘woo-woo’ or hard to believe - don’t worry, it’s understandable - all his life David pushed away these abilities for the same reasons. People have called him all sorts of names he rejects - shaman, guru, magician, witch doctor… but, in his eyes, he’s just a regular guy who has been given with the ability to help people and now it’s his duty and purpose in life to honor this gift by healing all those who come into his care. Maybe you’ll be one of them? The only way to know whether he’s the real deal or not is to book in a session and see/feel/heal for yourself.


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